Joint filling materials

Elastomeric Cold Applied Crack Repair Bituminous Mastic

BITUCRACK is an elastomer bituminous emulsion with synthetic resins and mineral stabilizers. After complete drying, the uniform membrane created is weatherproof and UV resistant. It has highly elasticity, good adhesion to the substrate, ability to bridge and seal the cracks in asphalt road surfaces. It has strong resistance to low concentration acids and bases solutions but is vulnerable to organic solvents and oils.  

Plastomeric cold applied bituminous mastic

BITUMAC is a modified bitumen mixture with elastomeric additives, special resins, organic solvents and inert materials. It is bitumen mastic which is applied in temperature of environment and has very good adhesion to porous as well as to smooth surfaces. BITUMAC absorbs the usual deformations of the joint,
which occur due to temperature contractions and expansions as a result of its thermoplastic properties. The material has strong resistance to low concentration acid and base solvents and is not affected by subsoil salts. It is vulnerable to the use of petroleum solvents.

Elastomeric hot applied bituminous mastic
BJS is an elastomeric bituminous, hot applied, mastic with modified bitumen containing elastomericadditives and thin aggregates. It has a strong adhesion on asphalt and concrete surfaces. BJS remainselastic at temperatures from -15ºC – 80ºC. It is highly resistant to low concentration acids and bases,unaffected by subsoil minerals and less resistant to organic solvents and oils.
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